01 September 2015

A glance back at Summer, is it really over already?

Cenotes Dos Ojos in Mexico where we snorkeled with bats flying
overhead and into complete darkness!
This, to fulfill our 'do one thing each day that scares you' by Eleanor Roosevelt.  

Avocado, almond milk & cacoa smoothie.  
This to fulfill, 'enjoy an avocado something every meal' by Beth Miles.

Tracking the Elk in Gearhart, Oregon
'Into the sea, you and me'...the great expanse of Gearhart Beach.
Finally arriving at the beach after a morning in the ER, attending to a youngsters broken arm.

The swings on the 4th of July, Napa Valley County Fair

4th of July & Indian Springs, heaven.

Bungalow living in Calistoga

Hiking in Lake Tahoe.

Speedway Beach in Lake Tahoe, swimming from rock to rock.

Fare Thee Well, the Grateful Dead's grand finale, or so they said!

Top down, legs up, St. Helena.

Off to sleep-away camp for 2 weeks, for the first time!

It was amazing while it lasted, now on to Fall and all that it holds!

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