22 July 2014

Pre-college course at CCA

Last Friday was the final day of CCA's Pre-College summer course, and marked the end to my summer's teaching schedule. In honor of the student's four weeks of intensive study, CCA hosted  a curicullum-wide presentation.  

I was truly proud of my class, comprised of junior and senior year high school students from across the country.  They had all pushed themselves to think about Design in a new light and had all stepped up to the projects in original, inspired ways.  

A beautiful corner of the gallery showcasing three of the students' work
In CCA's lovely gallery row on College Avenue, the students rolled their dress forms over from our design studio, draped in their paper Charles James' inspired gowns.  Students hung their many design concept & illustration boards to create their own exhibition space and reflect on their design experience.  

All-in-all, it seemed to have been a wonderful experience for the group of students, some who had travelled from as far as Instanbul, others from as close by as Oakland.  

And where their backgrounds varied, they all seemed to share the  hope that they will work toward a career in the apparel industry.

Congrats to all of them, it was lovely to share
my knowledge with such a great group of learners.
Enjoy some images of their work below.  

Students busy setting up the gallery space

Design boards, a Charles James' inspired gown and an sportswear look, designed of men's shirting.

Pre-College selfie after four weeks of studio work!

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