27 May 2014

A 12th birthday for my daughter.

 Monday was my daughter's
12th birthday and we had a wonderful birthday weekend celebrating her last year of true childhood.  Next year, 13--wow, how does it go so quickly?

As I watch her grow into her preteen years--expanding her horizons at school, pushing herself to move up in her dance class that she loves so much, accepting changes in her world--she humbles me.  She has grace beyond her years, determination to make things happen, and a beautiful eye for seeing 'something in everything'. 

I love the person that she is and I'm so honored to have been gifted this spirit from the universe. 

Motherhood, with her by my side, has been my greatest gift.  I look forward to each new chapter while slightly nostalgic for the one we are leaving behind.

Our traditional Grandma Eva's chocolate cake...icing metling in the Berkeley sun

Happy Birthday Somerset,
here's to a great
12th year!

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