11 June 2013

Another year winds to an end.

Another school year-end approaches and I'm left wondering, yet again,
"where did the time go?"  

Today, my daughter winds down her fifth-grade year--
her first year of middle school, completed. 
And as tradition will have it, the entire school will meet in
Golden Gate Park for the annual, year-end celebration.

In a meadow, under the same massive, ancient Oak tree that marks our school's meeting place each year, we will gather and be entertained by the students.  But not before we sit in silence for a few minutes, in honor of Quaker tradition.  

A few quiet moments of peace, that the children know as "forevvvveeerrr!"
I, unlike most of those students, love the moments of silence. 
Each year, I use this time to reflect on all that my daughter has given me in life.

I am warmed by the her grace & so proud of her achievement and determination.
I'm humbled by the process of adolescence in these modern times,
and feel blessed as I observe her confidently navigating such a
different world, from the one in which I grew up.

There is a story told at her school--a bit of magic happens on this day.  You leave the school yard a 5th grader and exit the meadow a 6th grader;
magically transformed to the next echelon. 

Magic maybe, but we parents know it is not without tremendous
thought, love & consideration that all these passages occur. 

So today, I will sit and revel in each moment
as I know they will be 'magically' gone before we know it!

Congratulations to all of those celebrating their year-end moments...enjoy!

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