26 November 2012

Its Cyber Monday but we're still thankful!

Thanksgiving has, somehow, come and gone already.  
And today, as Cyber Monday speeds by, I'm still thinking about all for which I'm thankful.

We were lucky enough to spend some of the holiday at Yosemite National Park.  But not before we cooked & baked and toasted good friends & family.  Tiny felted owls, courtesy of my daughter, decorated the tables, while others polished the silver & still others kept close watch over 'the bird'.

I had the rather pleasant job of desserts, which always seems like a bit of an easy feat.  
They don't have to be timed & served to temperature, which alleviates a great deal of pressure.  
But they do have to be delicious and beautiful and push guests, to push their own limits, 
as to just how much the palate & waist can stand!  The empty pie tins seemed to hint at success.

Yosemite Falls
Table cleared, felted owls & silver, carefully put away, we packed the car & headed to Yosemite.  The heated canvas tent of Curry Village was in sharp contrast to all the lovely trappings of the day before.  
But the simplicity of our accommodations was overwhelmed by the grandeur of our surroundings.  
We hiked to the top of falls; 
marvelled at the site of El Capitan; 
and ice skated for hours under Half-Dome, 
a full moon and a star-filled sky.

Surrounded by those that I love, 
in such a breathtaking space, 
it was hard to not feel 
overwhelmed by thankfulness.  

Now back to work with our new website and the holiday season kicking into full gear, 
I'm reminded of how thankful I am 
to be able to do the work that I love 
and have the opportunity to share it all 
with so many lovely clients.

And for that, I thank you.

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