30 August 2011


The phrase 'back-to-school' is not making me think of pleated skirts, new pencils and fresh gum erasers.  Nor is my business mind prompted to create a promotion to help little girls look as chic as they can, as they embark on their new school year adventure--hand clenched tight to their parent's for as long as they can.

Tonight, back-to-school is much more personal, and bittersweet.

Back-to-school in our house means my daughter will be starting the 4th grade tomorrow.  Fast asleep now, but earlier, so excited (or was it nervous?) about all that would happen tomorrow.  Outfit layed out; folders & binders on the table; new lunchbox awaiting her favorite tamale lunch.  "Will you wake me up at 6?" she asked.  Really?  I guess she is excited.

I can't believe how the summer break has come and gone.  Full of lovely memories, really lovely.  But behind us, none the less. Never have I been so aware of the passing of time as I have since she was born.  And as I think back on our summer, I'm struck by how she will never be nine again.  Even as I know that next summer, I too will be a year older, there is something about the distinct difference in who she has become--each summer--that takes my breath away.  This summer, she wanted to learn to surf, so surf we did and you should see her now.

As we leave this summer behind, I find myself taking pause to imagine who she will be next summer.  I look forward to where this year will take us; but I'll try to stay present and enjoy all the time in between now and then.  Next summer, after all, will be here soon enough!

Happy Back-to-School to all our tiny chic friends.

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