19 July 2011

such a special occasion

I know that I have mentioned before, how much I appreciate 
the aspect of my work that allows me to meet the 
most lovely people from all over.  

And now, as our Special Occasion Collection grows, 
we have the added benefit of being able to create 
bespoke* pieces for their most special occasions.  

(bespoke--the term historically was applied only to tailored clothing
and other parts of apparel involving fabric, measurement and fitting.)

Here are some gorgeous photos from a recent, such event.  

Sofia in clara silk (left) & Gertie in tissue silk with organza (right)

As this family was local, they were able to stop by our studio 
to look at swatches, try on samples, & just really get to know 
the dresses that they were ordering.

I loved how the fabrics, colors and shapes of Sofia  & 
Gertie  complemented each other & each girl's uniqueness.

Near or far, we would love to help you 
with your special occasion needs.  
Contact us with questions...
we can provide a design kit for your review.

Enjoy a few more images, below.

lovely bride & tiny chic flower girl

fringe hem in perfect shade to match the bride's dress

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