13 June 2011

in my neighborhood

Living in San Francisco, one can quickly get used to the idea of natural beauty lurking behind every corner--the Headlands, Golden Gate Park, Chrissy Field, Ocean Beach.  

But it doesn't end there.  We have the added benefit of works of art being 'planted' within our own beautiful, natural landscapes.   Take, for example, the Spire, created by 
the insanely talented, Andy Goldsworthy.  


Atop a hill in the Presidio, Andy Goldsworthy installed this 100 foot-tall work--created by assembling 37 Cypress trunks, held together with steel, that somehow is completely hidden within the sculpture.  

As I peered into the Spire, trying see what was at the center, I was struck by the closeness and order of the trunks, and how they really did seem to merge into one.  

And when I stood back and took in the Spire's height, I was overwhelmed by the grandeur of it.  

And similar to a cathedral, as it reached for the heavens, I stood in quiet contemplation and admired the work, within the setting of the gorgeous outdoor space of the Presidio.  

Thank you Mr. Goldsworthy, for yet another inspiring sight to see, in San Francisco.


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