01 April 2011

tiny chic occasion, keeping us busy

We have been up to our 'high point of shoulder
(a design term, refering to the point where the neck hits the shoulder, 
in case you are wondering!
with requests for tiny chic special occasion dresses.  

And we couldn't be happier!  

We have received glowing reviews for our dresses which 
keep little girls looking like, well, little girls
(just a bit chic-er than normal)
for all the big & small events in their life.  
You can see our full collection of special occasion dresses
within our tiny chic boutique

We can also create something truly unique for your event--be it color, fabric, trim--whatever.

Email us with your needs, we look forward to creating something special  for you!

1 comment:

  1. Like that more collection are available according to your height and size they provides wedding dress.


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