01 December 2010

ses petites mains is SF Made...

...and we are so proud of that fact,
that we have recently joined the SFMade group!

We are honored to be part of a committed
group of individuals who share our desire to create
goods right here in beautiful San Francisco.

And its wonderful to learn about some of our neighbors...

Check out the gorgeous doilies from Wolf&Bear...cool, right?  Felted cutouts of wolves & bears. 

The DODOcase caught my eye--such a fantastically subtle option for toting around your Ipad (something I'm quite excited to do these days!).

And there are so many other great companies, making all sorts of innovative products right here in our wonderful city by the bay.  Visit http://www.sfmade.org/ to learn more.  And maybe even plan your holiday shopping lists.

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