04 October 2010

things I love

Part of my creative process involves scouring through vintage styles to find pieces
that resonate with my thoughts on the coming season. 

Recently, I came across this dress, which I found to be perfect in just about every way.  

The fabric had had a past life as someone's table cloth, although never used as such.  The bound edges, visible at the sideseams and hem which also happended to dip lower at the sides for an elegant hankerchief-like hem--but not too over the top.  The simple neckline and armhole had been left to unravel ever so slightly. 

While the gorgeous silk belt was made from a twisted taffeta ribbon, woven through the openings in the cloth.

I was even smitten with the presentaton of this dress.  I imagined a woman, with a single lovely treasure in her spartan closet, hanging from its wire hanger awaiting a chance to be worn again. 

Just goes to show you, you don't need a closet full but just one or two perfectly chosen pieces.  Hopefully, you will enjoy this as much as I did.

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